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These stories are for the hunters of the future
  There are paths in Africa, paths that no man made. The African elephant made them, and etched the land for all time. Along their slow length, all animals find life, and when journeys end becomes a river of sand, an elephant has knelt and...
At the very edge of the world, there's a place ruled by the sun, a place where its white glare has scrubbed the desert of colour, leaving a scorched, hot silence. This world shimmers and cracks, but moves little, 'till a thin column of dancing sand and dry grass..
A hawk drifts by with wing feathers arched and fluttering in the warm air. We watch him drift away on honey tainted air and peer again into the tangle of bush and creeper that falls hundreds of feet to the valley floor. The legend of the thickets and the ultimate close encounter specialist lives here...
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 Bruce Parker | Safari photographer and Writer
  In return for the memories of treasured times under the African sun, for having witnessed the completeness of this world in conflict and at play, it is my hope that those who have also shared this timeless privilege, will play their part in the preparation of the hunters of the future. It is ultimately through them and their stewardship that this vast wilderness will remain as we have most treasured it. Read these stories and have your youngsters read them and follow one of the many paths into the African wilderness and become a part of the greatest savannah, woodland and desert landscapes on earth and humbly, look to its future. 
Warthog in the Waterberg Elephant in the Zambesi Hartmann in the Aus Mountains Bushbuck in the East Cape
With no moon shadows to confuse, the youngster turned from his small fire and carefully feeling the sand ahead, moved deeper into the dark, head turned for the slightest sound. At first only the dew bent grass whispered against his legs, and then...
...for when you can’t be there
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