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A gathering of African Hunting Stories presented as a coffee table book There are paths in Africa, paths that no man made. The African elephant made them, and etched the land for all time. Along their slow length, all animals find life, and when journeys end becomes a river of sand, an elephant has knelt and opened the way. Their paths come together and wind through our great mountains in silence and with great effort, only becoming numerous again when the crossing is done. Then, in triumph and with quickened pace, they fan out to populate the great acacia and mopani forests of Africa.
These stories are for the hunters of the future
 Bruce Parker | Safari photographer and Writer
© African Hunting Stories | Bruce Parker | Safari photographer and writer 2015
The Three Elephants
Publishing with Kindle The first gathering of African Hunting Stories were submitted to Amazon in September 2014 and can now be purchased by following the amazonkindle link below -/e/B00NZ42SL2
Mountain in the middle of nowhere
There can be no place on earth more grand or more stirring to the essence of man than a path leading to a mountain in the middle of nowhere. The silence is ours as is the adventure that waits.
Acacia in the savannah
The African savannah is making monuments of our trees. They grow fewer and the burden of carrying their history weighs heavily on those that remain. For us, a moment of beauty and a moment to consider. 
Great elephant on the plains
As the great elephant approaches, we stop. The silence grows around us and we feel the nudge of respect. It speaks to how humble we should feel and perhaps, to a wish that we shared what he shares.
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